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Ceas din mdf pentru perete ”Hotel d’Anton”;


Dimensiune: Ø 22*4 cm.

98,90RON Fără TVA: 83,11RON

Ceas de perete, model antichizat.


Dimensiune: Ø 60*6 cm.

Material: metal


556,00RON Fără TVA: 467,23RON

Ceas "Kensington Station" 25*4*38 cm, Clayre & Eef


Calendar cu ceas pentru perete ”Kensington Station” din metal, cu model de trandafiri;


95,90RON 55,90RON
Fără TVA: 46,97RON

Ceas de perete.


Dimensiune: Ø 31*5 cm

Baterie: 1*AA

Material: metal/sticl..

299,90RON Fără TVA: 252,02RON

Ceas "L'Hotel Victoire, Paris" Ø 60*5 cm, Clayre & Eef


Ceas de perete “L’Hotel Victoire, Paris”, de dimensiuni generoase, cu cifre romane, creat cu intent..

179,00RON 105,90RON
Fără TVA: 88,99RON

Ceas pentru perete din sticla.

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Somany Ceramics – India’s Largest Wall & Floor Tile Collection

Select Tile Size

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Marine Interior Systems, Joiner Contractor, Marine Interior Contractor, New Orleans, Louisiana

Case Study – HOS Black Foot
  • HOS Black Foot

Vessel Deliveries
  • Vessel Deliveries

    February 2015 – Gulf Coast Shipyard Group delivers the Harvey Energy, the first of a series of STX designed 302’ dual fuel OSV’s for Harvey Gulf International Marine, LLC of New Orleans, LA. Interiors by Marine Interior Systems.

    March 2015 – Leevac Shipyards delivers the Torrens Tide, a MMC designed 250’ PSV for Tidewater Inc. of New Orleans, LA. Interiors by Marine Interior Systems.

    March 2015 – Gulf Island Marine Fabricators delivers the Cape Cod, an Elliott Bay designed 220’ OSV for Seamar of Lafayette, LA. Interiors by Marine Interior Systems.

    April 2015 – VT Halter Marine, inc. delivers the HOS Carousel, a 320’ PSV for Hornbeck Offshore of Covington, LA. Interiors by Marine Interior Systems.

    April 2015 – Bordelon Marine Shipbuilders delivers the Shelia Bordelon, a 260’ Ultralight Intervention Vessel to Bordelon Marine of Houma, LA.

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Rustic Home Decor Decorating Tips-Primitive Cabin Lodge Accessories

Rustic Home Decor – Crooked Creek Country

At Crooked Creek Country you will find rustic,
country, primitive, woodland and lodge home decor. We have searched and
found some great rustic home decor from online stores that offer quality
country outdoorsy decor. Giving your home that warmth of a log cabin and the
great outdoors! We don’t have a home decor catalog, all the products are
online. We are also starting to sell a small selection of rustic lodge
home decor.

See these websites for:
Lodge Decor
or Country Home

You will be able to find wall decor, kitchen decor, bedroom
and bath accessories, all with that country feel of the great outdoors. The
woodland lodge look seems to be here to stay and having it throughout the
house seems to

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Online Interior Design Services – Easy, Affordable & Personalized Design For Your Home

About Decorist

Our online interior design process is designed to help you maximize your decorating budget. With one flat fee you won’t get any surprise costs and our transparent pricing on your final project allows you to see exactly how much each item costs before you make the final decision on what to buy.

Traditional interior design is usually based on hourly rates and can get costly. Decorist is a flat-fee for the entire design project, with no limitations on time or communication with your designer. With our online interior design platform, the project is on your schedule, at your convenience, any time of day.

Customers love the Decorist online interior design experience because it saves them both time and money. All our designers are experienced in helping customers maximize the impact of their interior design budget, and can make recommendations on what to splurge and save on. Decorist is

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The Benefits Homeowners Experience from a Bathroom Renovation

A home renovation gives your house the required facelift! It is essential to ensure that you renovate every part of the house, to gain maximum benefit. If you are unsure where to start from, choose the bathroom!


Photo By: Jan Gleysteen Architects, Inc

Your washroom or bathroom is an essential part of the house! If you have an old toilet, you must remodel it in a new-age setting. For this, you need to get in touch with an expert renovator. To know more about this, you can get in touch with Reno Assistance. Furthermore, a renovation will give your bathroom a new look and also draw in potential buyers. It is still essential to opt-in for bathroom renovation if you aren’t planning to sell the house. It adds to the house’s curb appeal and resale value. The other essential advantages that you can count on are:

It Maximizes the Home

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Decor Rental – Events Furniture



Welcome to Décor Rental. 

Décor Rental

is more than an Event & Décor Furniture Rental company. We are a designing firm that offers lounge furniture for custom weddings, conferences, night club venues, reception décor, exhibitions & corporate events made to the highest quality by our in-house team. 

From lavish contemporary to sleek modern and vintage designs to the standard essentials, Décor Furniture Rental provides a wide variety of furniture rentals and accessories to match your personal needs, style and budget for each and every occasion.
Whether you are creating an expensive look and feel for an occasion, Décor
Rental Furniture Hire
 customizes Furniture Rental packages that combine impeccable style with affordable pricing and top customer service. We’re also happy to create custom-fabricated pieces for a specific event on clients request.

We at Décor Rental Events Hire are suppliers to the Events, Décor and Theme Wedding Companies in South Africa.

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Polygon Interior Angles – Math Open Reference

Polygon Interior Angles – Math Open Reference

Try this
Adjust the polygon below by dragging any orange dot. Click on “make regular” and repeat.
Note the behavior of the interior angles and their sum.

The interior angles of a polygon are those angles at each
vertex that are on the inside of the polygon.
There is one per vertex. So for a polygon with N sides, there are N
vertices and N interior angles.

For a regular polygon,
by definition, all the interior angles are the same. In the figure above, Click on “make regular” then
change the number of sides and resize the polygon by dragging any vertex. Notice that for any given number of sides,
all the interior angles are the same.

For an irregular polygon,
each angle may be different. Click on “make irregular” and observe what happens
when you change the number of sides, and drag

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Decorating & Planning – Pearl Decor & Events

What is Pearl  Decor & Events?

We offer services all over Simcoe County:

  • Decorating,
  • Day of Coordination,
  • Rentals,
  • We have an exclusive, private barn venue in Cooksown as well.

BOOKING 2021/2022

1 FREE 30 minute in office consultation

*Charges apply for additional in person consultations – there is a deposit required of $30. (DOC clients exempt from additional charges starting 2 months before their event date)

$40 for out of office consults, plus travel fee if location is over an hour from our office

We offer a variety of services and prices for your event…


Set Up:
Guest tables, Backdrop panels, lighting, ceiling work, price dependent on needs of location, number of guests and chosen design.

Tear Down:
Available upon request. Removal price is similar to the set up pricing.If removal is needed after regular business hours after 6pm or on Sunday,  we charge an After hours fee

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Manjula’s Kitchen – powered by FeedBurner

The flowers are blooming, and spring is upon us! That means
that one of my favorite holidays is fast approaching…yes Holi!  I love the spirit of Holi with its fun,
festive and colorful spirit. I especially enjoy playing with my grandchildren
during this time.  It keeps me young even
though time is passing by quickly. Spending time with my grandchildren during
this festive time really brings back a lot of fun memories from my
childhood.  My parents loved celebrating
holidays and making it very special for us. 
It always makes me feel happy thinking of those times. 

Of course, these wonderful holidays allow me to spend more
time in my favorite place at home – the kitchen!  These holidays and celebrations are not
complete without delicious food. As a young child, I can vividly remember the
whole neighborhood filled with delicious aromas in preparation for Holi.  My mother would make

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