Demi Moore reveals ex Bruce Willis is behind her controversial carpeted bathroom

hari drack

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Demi Moore’s carpeted bathroom has been the subject of much controversy over the past few days. Inciting confusion, rage and grief amongst social media users, one of the biggest interior design faux pas that many latched on was the wall to wall brown shag carpet – which Moore has since insisted was not her choice.

Speaking to talk show host Seth Meyers, she revealed that her ex-husband was actually the one behind the decision. She explained, “This is the house that my children grew up in, and that was originally a Bruce Willis choice. So, not to put it off on him, we also live in the mountains where it gets very cold.”

Though many users complained about the potential germs that could be clinging to the carpet, she continued, “It’s never bothered me. It’s actually quite good we put rugs in our bathroom.”

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