6 home improvements to tackle, post-pandemic, (number 6 is our favourite)

hari drack

Home improvements can take time, so it’s no surprise that when we were all in lockdown and spending far more time at home, our DIY skills were put to the test.

Now that many of us are readjusting to life, post-pandemic, sure we’re becoming accustomed to wearing masks and social distancing measures outside the home, but, what about when it comes to our own space and surroundings? 

The reality is that while lockdown restrictions were loosened for many of us, we are still very much in an unstable climate. With news of reinforced lockdown measures in certain parts of the UK, and worries of a second wave firing up our televisions and mobile screens, it’s clear that we need to look ahead and adjust to a new way of living, in and out of our homes.

Enhancing home decor and maximising a space’s functionality is what Real Homes is all

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Yes, your kitchen is too cluttered

hari drack

Cooking and baking in the time of the pandemic has not been without its revelations.

Perhaps you’re among those who have discovered that you actually own more than a dozen cake and tart pans. Or that you possess multiple whisks, tongs, sieves, rolling pins and potato mashers. Even worse: Are there useless gadgets — avocado slicer, asparagus peeler, strawberry huller, corn cobber, herb scissors — clogging your kitchen drawers?

If it at all concerns you that you once invested in a silly quesadilla-making machine or a never-used gizmo that creates an Egg McMuffin, food writer Lisa Chernick feels your pain.

The author of the new book “Your Starter Kitchen,” published next week, has written a user-friendly guide to setting up a beginner kitchen and how to intelligently expand on existing kitchen formats. The book covers must-have kitchen tools, pantry essentials and even offers classic, go-to recipes.

When Chernick began writing

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