These kitchen knives let you adjust their center-of-gravity for a uniquely custom chopping experience

hari drack

Everyone holds their knives slightly differently. There’s an incredible amount of nuance in the way everyone’s wrist moves as they operate knives while chopping, slicing, scouring, or peeling, so the guys at Écriture had a pretty brilliant idea – “What if the knives weight-adjusted based on how you used them?”

It sounds like a bizarre question, but to be honest, it’s all in the physics of knife-work. When you need your wrists to put in the work, a knife with a heavy handle serves best. When you need a knife’s blade to do the work for you, a heavier blade allows for better cutting, so rather than having different knives for different applications, the Ecriture Perfect Knives come with a switch on the handle that lets you shift the knife’s center of gravity. A sliding weight inside the hollow handle allows you to decide the knife’s balancing point, giving you

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