5 bathroom updates that will never go out of style

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If you’re going to update a bathroom and you want your design choices to stand up over time, the first step is determining what styles will be timeless for you specifically.

“People tend to fall into one or two camps,” says interior designer Michael Winn of Winn Design and Build in Northern Virginia. “They want a very classic-looking bathroom, or they want something contemporary and spalike, like the Four Seasons.” Translation: For many people, the bathroom might not be the place to get splashy with trends.

But what if you adore bold colors and patterns? “Sometimes, the most timeless things are the things that you love,” says Katy Harbin, a designer based in North Carolina. “There are people that redo their bathroom every 10 years,” and for them, choosing a paint color of the year and of-the-moment hardware might work.

For those who want to do it right and be

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7 picks to measure weight, heart rate and more

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The best bathroom scales can help you keep track of your fitness goals, if used alongside the knowledge that progress – whatever that means for you – shouldn’t be measured by the number you see in front of you. We’re huge advocates for the fact that one of the most important measure for health is how you feel. But, we appreciate that, for some people, a set of bathroom scales can be a handy addition to a fitness journey so we have rounded up the best bathroom scales below. 

Now, more than ever, monitoring your health as a whole – and checking in on an expanding lockdown waistline perhaps – is very important. Early data relating to Covid-19 shows that those who are overweight have found it harder to fight the virus, so anyone struggling to lose the pounds to be in a better

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Christina Anstead Reveals the One Thing All Bathrooms Need, Bad

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Christina Anstead of “Flip or Flop” fame knows that the right design can help people kick back and relax at home. And in the latest episode of her new show, “Christina on the Coast,” she encounters clients who clearly need more Zen in their life, since they argue about every design decision they have to make.

On the “Wellness Remodel” episode, Anstead helps health expert Cara and her husband, Chris, redo their bedroom and bathroom. While Anstead presents them with some incredible designs, the couple can’t agree on much.

Find out which parts of Anstead’s ideas impress her picky customers, and see if they might inspire you to try a few upgrades in your own

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Home Depot takes up to 40% off Kohler bathroom products, today only

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Today only, as part of its Special Buy of the Day, Home Depot is taking up to 40% off Kohler bathroom products and more. Free shipping is available for all. Our top pick is the Kohler Alteo 2-handle Bathroom Faucet for $165.39. Regularly around $225, we’ve seen it drop below this price just once before in 2020. With a sleek chrome design, this faucet will bring a new level of design to your space. It’s made for 8-inch widespread setups, which is pretty standard in bathrooms. Home Depot customers have left a collective 4.5/5 star rating. Hit the jump for additional top picks in today’s sale.

Another standout today is the Kohler Single Hole Chrome Bathroom Faucet at $218.62. Regularly $300 or so, today’s deal is the best we can find by around 20%. This model offers a single-handle design, a higher-end premium design, and WaterSense technology, which

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Interior design firm grows through relationship-based strategies | Business Observer

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A degree in psychology isn’t required to practice interior design. But it can help. 

Tracee Murphy, CEO and principal designer of Sarasota-based interior design firm Trade Mark Interiors, pursued a career in design after first earning a psychology degree. “It wasn’t until I was out of college and had my own place that I started to find it and fall in love with it,” Murphy says. “I began to do my house, my neighbor’s house and neighbor’s cousin’s house. It just naturally evolved.”

Murphy went back to school to earn an interior design degree when she had two young children and a part-time job. After about five years of working in interior design, she realized her degree in psychology was coming in handy while she worked closely with clients, in dealing with conflict between spouses and navigating differing opinions on projects. 

Courtesy. The majority of Trade Mark’s work comes from

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R Furniture Design is Now Vanity Resource

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Les and Olivia Streeton, owners of R Furniture Design, recently announced that the company has changed its name to VANITY RESOURCE. Mr. Streeton states the new name more accurately represents the mission of the Company, which is to be the market’s premier source for exceptionally well-made, aesthetically magnificent, reclaimed wood and natural stone vanities.

Les and Olivia started what is now Vanity Resource in 2004, enlivened by Les’ more than 20 years of experience in the reclaimed cabinetry business while in Northamptonshire, England. Working side by side, the couple began designing, manufacturing, and selling bathroom vanities of solid wood reclaimed from vintage barns and cabins, as well as flooring from former factories and mills.  Immediately, their rustic modern furnishings line took off and has steadily grown in popularity. Today, Les, Olivia, and their dedicated team continue to operate the creative hub of Vanity Resource out of High Point.


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Transform your bathroom for less with these clever money-saving tips and tricks

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a room with a sink and a window: If your bathroom is due makeover but you need to stick to a budget - these money-saving tips and ticks can help

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If your bathroom is due makeover but you need to stick to a budget – these money-saving tips and ticks can help

a room with a sink and a window

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Transforming a dated bathroom can be one of the most expensive design projects in your house.

From tiles, toilets, baths and basins to the actual cost of installation and plumbing – a brand new bathroom can set you back thousands of pounds.

But if your savings won’t quite stretch to a full renovation, there are still several ways you can give your bathroom the makeover of your dreams.

If you’re flexible with your vision and utilise some clever interior design and room-saving storage hacks, you can give your bathroom an impressive new look without splashing too much cash.

And there’s no shortage of budget bathroom inspiration on social media.

The online community of interiors enthusiasts have been at it again with

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Tell Tales: Yacht Design Fails

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My yachtbuilder pal Mike sent me an article on interior yacht design with a note attached. “Must be hard to write this stuff,” he commented. “It just seems either insincere or delusional.” I suspected, though, that it was not the writer’s style but instead the article’s content that got Mike’s attention: the notion of using a pile of pebbles as the inspiration for a boat’s design.

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“I performed my usual routine, focusing on performance and utility. I overlooked the fact that the Italian helicopter they’d spec’d needed another 50 feet of yacht.”

Mike and I are products of the generation that believed form should follow function and that boats should be more than an experiment in modern art. Mike built his brand around solid design. While each boat he’s built is unique, all had salt water in their DNA. Curated branding and proven design benefited everyone.

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Bodyport secures $11.2m to build ‘virtual cardiac clinic’ for your bathroom

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BodyportBodyport, a company building sensitive sensor technologies into a bathroom scale, secured an $11.2 million Series A round to develop a device that can help detect and manage heart disease by detecting cardiac signals and biomarkers through bare feet.

Boehringer Ingelheim Venture Fund (BIVF) led the round in the San Francisco-based startup, adding its capital to $4.6 million from previous investors including Playground Global and Initialized Capital.

The new round also support the launch of a “virtual cardiac clinic,” according to a release.

“We’re focused on changing the way patients and care teams manage heart disease,” said Corey Centen, co-founder and CEO. “By shifting the technology patients can access from a clinical setting to their own home, we are aiming to predict changes in health status before a hospital visit becomes necessary.”

Centen founded the company with fellow biomedical engineer Sarah Smith to make it easier to manage heart failure,

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Exclusive: ‘Build Me Up’ Host Orlando Soria Reveals the Hidden Powers of Home Design

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Interior designer Orlando Soria talks about his new HGTV show, “Build Me Up,” and explains how renovating your home can help you reset your life.


Ever notice how making changes around your home can give you a fresh outlook on life? That’s the premise behind a new HGTV show, “Build Me Up,” starring interior designer Orlando Soria.

In the series, Soria (whom you may recognize from his previous gigs on “Unspouse My House” and “Secrets From a Stylist”) helps homeowners who’ve undergone a big life change such as divorce or death in the family. Through home design, he helps them hit the reset button.

We talked with Soria about the healing potential of interior design, and heard his top tips for creating a

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