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Kitchen and Bathroom Designs We Love from East Coast Lumber

Kitchen and bathroom models can turn a home you like into a dream home — and you don’t have to put your dreams on hold because of the coronavirus outbreak and social distancing.

The design team at East Coast Lumber has some stunning design inspiration in their portfolio, and they are still here to listen to your wants and needs for your new space. They’ll design your dream kitchen or bathroom (within budget!) and virtually go over your wish list, communicating your new design via email.

Here’s a peek into some of their recent projects to give you design inspiration:

Amanda at East Coast Lumber

Check out all the custom elements: a door-mounted spice rack, a cooking utensil drawer, a pot organizer in the island and a space-saving corner drawer, all by Kemper Cabinets. The brass drawer pulls complement the brass lighting fixture, and the Macaubus White counters on the

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Designer Plus
* Free off-the-shelf CAD based professional grade Kitchen Design CAD/CAM Software,












Designer Plus

The Electronic Draftsman

If you have a need for kitchen design software, or cabinet drawing software
but cannot justify the high cost of dedicated kitchen design software, Designer
Plus is your answer. Designer Plus uses off the shelf CAD software, to automate
the drawing of custom cabinets. While Designer Plus is drawing the cabinet it
can also create a parts list, a cabinet list, and a door list. By using these lists
in a spreadsheet you can create cutting lists, material-ordering lists, and
price a job. Designer Plus is designed for drawing

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Best Kutchina Kitchen Interior

Today’s modular kitchen is meant to adapt your kitchen with all the avant-garde amenities. After compromising with space, a modular kitchen tends to accommodate a spacious area for assuming your household chores after any hassle. For accepting the latest designs in your kitchen, you can as well go for kutchina modular kitchen to adapt your kitchen as per your need.

Modular kitchen is not belted to the abstraction of bushing your kitchen with big-ticket stuff. It’s meant to add an ambrosial look, accouterment you with able accumulator and adverse amplitude so that you can advance every bend of the kitchen.

These are some of the best modular kitchen design ideas for your kitchen, which will not only organize your being and accomplish it ample but as well give an admirable attending as per the latest trend.

Built-in appliances: amplitude savers
The heavy kitchen accessories are apparent and accord an unartistic

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Kitchen & Dining Chairs You’ll Love in 2020

White dining chair

Are there some different designs that I will have to choose from when buying chairs for my kitchen or dining room? Wayfair carries kitchen and dining chairs that come in designs like traditional side chairs as well as armchairs and comfortable parsons chairs.

Black dining chair

When looking at the kitchen and dining chairs, are there various back styles to make the dining space unique? Shoppers have the ability to pick from solid or slat backs, ladder or cross backs, as well as rich designs in either Windsor or Queen Anne backs.

Fabric dining chair

What will there be in terms of choices of materials for kitchen and dining chairs for the home? It is possible to go with chairs crafted from materials like metal or wood, plastic or acrylic, wicker or rattan, along with upholstered chairs and options that have more than one of the listed materials.

Before making a decision on the chairs for

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Welcome to the Kitchen Table

Hello –
    I’ve been on hiatus from dolls for some time, focusing on my family and the rescue kennel I volunteer at (Northern Greyhound Adoptions here in VT). Am making time for dolls in my life again, so updates to this site shuld be happening quickly now – thank you all for your patience!
Thea/UrsaLunar, Nov. ’10

KTD Logo

Why “Kitchen Table Dolls” you ask?

    The kitchen table is where dolls touch base
when they come home to us. Even if we have a doll room they
stop at the kitchen table first. When the package arrives with
the new doll after being shipped we take it to the kitchen
table to open up for that first peek. When we come home from
shopping and have something for our dolls, it gets unloaded
and inspected on the kitchen table. When we are working
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Free Range on Food: Learning to cook, Passover, taking control of the kitchen, this week’s recipes and more!

It’s spring and so even with all the stress and sorrow over the coronavirus pandemic, we look forward to precious holidays, buds and blooms.

How are you celebrating Passover and Easter this year? Are you going to gather with family and friends on Facebook, through Zoom?

Food writer Susan Barocas, who is joining us for the chat today, plans to that. And she offers a few variations on favorite Passover dishes, such as a vegetarian matzoh ball soup, a nut-free haroset and a delicious herby kuku, for a year that will be less than traditional

Even if you’re enjoying the meal with your small household, your brisket is a great idea because you can enjoy the leftovers throughout the holiday. Try Ellie Krieger’s terrifically tender recipe. Ellie also is joining us for the chat.

Eggs are a big part of both Passover and Easter celebrations. If you can get your

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Top 10 Modular Kitchen Brands for Your Home in India

The Best of Modular Kitchen You Can Get in India

The advancement of the modular kitchen has prospered in bringing about a drastic evolution in the way an outstanding kitchen appears. These elegant and contemporary kitchen designs are switched from conventional kitchens. The requirement for more space or imperfect space in homes and flats has backed by the emergence of such modern kitchens. With the combination of stylish and modular designs that include the kitchen cabinets, storage conveniences and other accessories, the traditional kitchens are instantly fading from the modular lifestyle. The Modular Kitchen in India is known to bring ease and comfort to homemakers in several ways.

This modular kitchen are be grounded upon a couple of design standards. The essential design components of contemporary kitchen innovation will be very organized, orderly space, modern art devices, loads of lights, striking colours, and many alike. Here is a look at

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200+ Free Crochet and Knit Kitchen Patterns

When you stay at home, you want it to be cozy and homey. And making your own yarny kitchen items is a great start! Luckily, there are 200+ free crochet and knit kitchen decor patterns on Yarnspirations! I’ve linked them all below, along with a few of my favorites – and still more kitchen crochet patterns here on Moogly!

200+ Free Crochet and Knit Kitchen PatternsDisclaimer: This post is sponsored by Yarnspirations; all opinions are my own.

All the Important Links!

Click here for all the Free Kitchen Decor patterns on Yarnspirations

Click here to see just the Crochet Kitchen patterns

Click here to see just the Knit Kitchen patterns

Now for Some of My Favorites!

Here are some of the ones I like best – share your faves in the comments!

My Favorite Crochet Kitchen Decor Patterns

Bernat Crochet Cuttlery Baskets – I love patterns that help me stay organized, and these simple baskets look

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You Can Now Buy Dr Pepper Cake At Your Grocery Store

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The secret ingredient your cake may be missing? Soda!

You can find loads of recipes online that cover how to mix in a can of soda to your cake mix so you can achieve some dreamy pop-cake combos. (Not to be confused with cake pops!) We’re talking strawberry shortcake teamed up with vanilla creme soda, or this 7Up cake that infuses a zesty lemon-lime flavor to your dessert.

While DIYing your cake mix is fun, we were surprised to learn that a premade Dr Pepper cake actually exists in some stores.

Mind. Blown.

Getty Images

Made with real Dr Pepper, the soda cake gets a spicy infusion from the beloved soft drink (which, did

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Kitchen Remodel Atlanta

Kitchen Remodel Atlanta

Are you thinking about a kitchen remodel in your Atlanta home? Let Kitchen Cabinets Atlanta Georgia help reduce stress and save time with your remodeling project.


Kitchen Cabinets Atlanta Georgia uses the latest kitchen cabinet design software and planning tools to design your cabinets uniquely to match your needs. From the beginning of your project to layout out the entire project, software and planning tools make it less overwhelming to layout the design and allows your project to come to life before critical decisions are made along the way. Kitchen Cabinets Atlanta Georgia maintains two of the top approved cabinet design software packages to help with the kitchen remodel in your Atlanta home. As well, they offer kitchen cabinet training classes:


Now you can learn everything you’ve always wanted to know with regard to remodeling your kitchen cabinets, at Kitchen Cabinets Atlanta Georgia’s design classes.

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