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429 W 8th St
Los Angeles, CA 90014

(213) 893-8317

Texted the number for takeout, immediately got a price total and ETA for food. Awesome.

Showed up, paid, food prepared fresh. Masks on. Solid. Even referred to me as BK. Sick.

Got the Arugula & Endive salad, Bolognese and the Carbonara. They also threw in free bread & butter and gave a 20% “Stay at Home” discount. Phenomenal.

The food itself? Absolutely scrumptious. Carbonara rich and tasty, bolognese comforting and delicious, and the salad was refreshing and light.

Overall it was convenient, safe and delectable. If you’re in DTLA, it’s a no-brainer for your Italian needs.


We have had delivery from this restaurant two weeks in a row. Food is so good, pesto is incredible and lasagna if just fabulous. Chicken Marsala is perfect. I would definitely recommend this restaurant. Food arrives piping hot and everything is so fresh. Found my local favourite Italian restaurant

Colori is the best Italian restaurant in LA! Currently only take out due to COVID. Try the burrata, amazing for your appetizer! Freshest mozzarella you will ever taste Always ask for the special. The chef Luigi and his wife Paola are wonderful people. Any other dish is delicious. If you have time to wait and are hungry try the Ciopinno.

Certified Covid-19 friendly; open for carryout and delivery via Uber Eats, etc.

Ordered the fettuccini Alfredo chicken and pesto pasta chicken dish.

The Alfredo fettuccine chicken was rich and creamy, and my favorite. The pesto in the pasta chicken — I found the pesto sauce to be quite overwhelming.

Would order the Alfredo fettuccine chicken dish again. Would pass on the pesto dish.

I didn’t know my bf was going to order from here bc I would have stopped that ish immediately. So even a few years later, I had yet another complete letdown of an experience from Colori. The last time I went the food was decent but the service was gd awful. This time with takeout the food was gd awful. My pasta was way overcooked. Bf’s protein tasted frozen. Dishes were way overpriced – dinner for 2 of us was $85 and massive letdown.

There are so many far better and price-friendlier places we can support during this time. Avoid.

I’ve been on a real tear going through LA’s robust pasta scene, and while I’ve wanted more than anything to fall in love with Colori Kitchen given their history and fantastic atmosphere, I simply wasn’t a huge fan of their pastas compared to some of the incumbents in the area.

Star 1: How were the service and atmosphere?

The atmosphere at Colori Kitchen is fantastic. The location paired with the old fashioned stone interior and friendly service is just about perfect, and they’ve managed to prop up a solid take away business in the age of coronavirus with text ordering. Star.

Star 2: How were the portions relative to the cost?

Medium sized dishes at Colori Kitchen will run you just over $15.00 each, and I was pleased with the portions of both my spaghetti and meatballs and off the menu cacio e pepe. Star.

Stars 3 and 4: How was the food?

While reasonably priced, I wasn’t blown away by either of these dishes (yes I ate both). The pasta in and of itself didn’t blow me away (maybe my mistake for ordering two spaghetti dishes), but it was the cacio e pepe, off the menu and often my favorite dish, that fell well short of expectation and just sort of tasted like basic buttered noodles with a bit of pepper. Fell well short of the high bar set by, of all places, Rose Cafe in Venice.

The spaghetti sauce was fine, and while the meatballs didn’t disappoint, they also didn’t leave an impression. Single Star.

Star 5: Would you be excited to go back?

I don’t dislike Colori Kitchen at all, and in fact their atmosphere might be among my favorites, but in the face of places like Cento Pasta Bar and The Factory Kitchen I just don’t think their pasta stacks up. No Star.

BYOB at a solid pasta place in DTLA! My fiance ran to the whole foods a block away whole we were being seated!

Not the best pasta in LA but cooked al dente, just the way we like it

We’ve also ordered their lunch specials which are a great deal, dijon salmon was cooked well, served with soup/salad plus a side of penne!

Tiramisu is nice and light if you’re looking for a dessert!

So I went to grab some Italian for lunch at this cute little place. First off, it was so delicious. I really love freshly made pasta and really flavorful fish and chicken. They have some of the most delicious sauces I’ve ever had in my life. And they’re vegan friendly, so I hear!

I tend to be a talker and as I was speaking to the owner she told me that if I wanted to order and text this number that they’ve now put into their title, probably because it needs that level of exposure.

Now if you’re not from around here you may not know how this is a staple mom and pop show in this community and everything is made with tons of love. BYOB makes it better when they open back up for dining as well!

I asked her if I could post it online and she was literally overcome with emotion and gratitude. She explained to me how they opened in 2006 and had survived the 2008 recession, and survived gentrification, but didn’t know if she could survive this. Like most actual small businesses she explained how all the small business aid was already gone and she couldn’t receive any.

We talked for a little while longer and I just felt so much for her and the love she’s put into the place.

So here you go guys. It’s a delicious local spot with a wonderful owner offering a discount to boot. Please support by enjoying their delicious Italian food!

I’ve had this restaurant bookmarked for months due to the great reviews. Previous reviewers didn’t lie – this restaurant is great! I had the spaghetti al pesto with chicken, which was absolutely delicious. I couldn’t stop eating it, even after I was full.

My friend and I also ordered two desserts to share (tiramisu and flan), thinking the desserts must be small based on the price, but both desserts were a good size so don’t make that same mistake. I liked the flan better than the tiramisu, which was surprising since I normally don’t like flan.

There is no alcohol so make sure to BYOB. With great food, reasonable prices, and no corkage on wine this restaurant is a winner! The restaurant is right by the Golden Gopher so you can head there afterwards for a drink.

Ambiance: small Italian restaurant, old-fashioned decoration, aged style elements, better to make reservation before come, this place could get packed at night, very loud inside and expect a lot noise

Service: very friendly and patient with questions, provided useful suggestion, attentively refilled water

Food: variety choices from the menu
Bread – *** complimentary, a bit dry
Carpaccio Di Carne – **** Home cured beef carpaccio with wild arugula salad topped with shaved parmesan cheese in a light lemon dressing, very flavorful, salt beef combined with cheese, recommend
Spaghetti Carbonara – ***** Spaghetti pasta with bacon in a house homemade carbonara sauce, creamy and tasty, highly recommend
Tagliatelle Alla Bolognese – *** Homemade tagliatelle pasta with house homemade angus beef only meat sauce, the pasta was great though the meat sauce was very dry
Tiramisu – **** Layers of imported Italian lady fingers dipped in espresso and topped with creamy mascarpone cheese & finished with drizzle of chocolate powder, layers of flavors, recommend

Price: decent portions and reasonable prices, about $35 per person

I normally enjoy Colori Kitchen but today I’m really disappointed in the quality of their food. My boyfriend and I both ordered the chicken parmigiana….which FYI comes with a very small serving of potatoes…not pasta, in case that’s what you are expecting, like most people would. Uber Eats delivered it nice and quickly. Plates were still hot. But for $18 each (!!!!!!j, I would expect the chicken to be perfectly cooked….not chewy and barely breaded!!!! I’m beyond livid right now as during this time I am trying to limit my eating out budget. But as it was Friday night, I wanted to treat ourselves. Really feeling ripped off.

Hi I love this place, been wanting to try for awhile! We had a reservation at 6:30 on a Tuesday night. There were only a couple other tables when we arrived.

The comp bread they give you is delish & so fresh! We ordered the calamari steak to start, wowzaaaa. I’ve never had anything like it, i think I would go back just for that! I ordered the fettuccine Alfredo w chicken & broccoli. The chicken and broccoli were cooked perfectly & the sauce wasn’t too creamy, perfecto. Wish we would have brought a bottle of wine though!

Our server was super nice and fast service. Almost a full house when we left. Parking is rough bc downtown, but expected. Overall we had a great time & experience!

Because I love their food so much I kept coming back even though orders were messed up initially. I changed the rating to reflect the food, so good! The tortilla soup and the bolognese are my go to’s and they never disappoint! If you’re ordering food, just pick it up yourself and you can check to make sure everything is there… because sometimes things are missing. However, the food is so damn good I give them a pass on accuracy. Plus, the order accuracy could be a Grubhub or Postmates issues, so you can’t blame the restaurant.

I’m glad I made a reservation because this place was packed, which is always a good sign.

The food is wonderful and the portions are very generous. Everything is homemade and fresh. I can truly taste the quality. I understand why this is my friend’s favorite Italian place. I have a friend who drives down from Santa Clarita to eat here.

Very friendly service that is team oriented and several people checked on us during our dinner.

Very cool and friendly vibe here. I loved the exposed brick and art work.
It was a hot night and this was an older building so it was a little warm inside but very manageable.

We had the minestrone soup (the best I’ve had) and calamari steak(wow!) as appetizers. I love the texture of the calamari steak. I had the lasagne as my entree and it was perfect. Homemade pasta tastes the best and it was stacked high. Everything melted in my mouth. My friend enjoyed a fish dish.

They do not serve alcohol but apparently you can bring your own wine and there is no corkage fee. I will do that next time.

I definitely recommend this place if you’re downtown and love Italian food, but definitely make a reservation if you can.

The baked fish special was great. If there’s one food that will always have a special place in my heart it’s grilled onions. If someone uses them the right way in a dish, it just makes everything great. So this baked fish had grilled onions and marinara all over it. The fish just falls apart and it’s super tasty.

I was excited to find this hole in the wall italian place near our hotel. The hours are only 6pm-9pm. We arrived at 6pm to find the place empty. As soon as we walked it we were hit with a musty smell. Yuk.

We ordered our food and drinks. The drinks never came. We waited 50 minutes for our food (way too long with maybe 3 other people in the restaurant). We had to remind the waiter about the drinks.

The bruchetta appetizer was delicious.

I ordered spaghetti and meatballs with broccoli. The meatballs were the frozen kind you get at Costco. The broccoli was rock hard and obviously frozen.

Host at front door was very nice.

Sorry, have to pass this one up. Especially for what they charge. I know its Cali and you idiots wanted $16/hr min wage so prepare to pay $5 for a soda and $20 for a plate of pasta.

I went to two fancy restaurants within the same week, and Colori Kitchen definitely came out top.

My party of 4 arrived at Colori Kitchen at 7pm for our reservation, on a Tuesday. To our surprise, the restaurant was completely empty! Tugged away in a small store front in a bustling downtown LA street, it was almost as if we found a den to be away from the busy city.

As most Yelpers have already pointed out, Colori Kitchen allows you to bring in your own bottle of wine, free of corkage fee. I believe you do have a limit of 3 bottles per table, though.

My family ordered the grilled octopus, risotto, tagliatelle, and lamb chops. The lamb was the daily special and it was amazing!! All pasta had amazing flavor; although on the heavier side, I can’t complain about anything.

As we were done with our meal, the restaurant was packed with people! It does seem like most patrons are regulars. Our meal for 4 people came out to be less than $100, which to me is fairly cheap considering we had alcohol with our meal and we were completely stuffed. If it weren’t that I live far from DTLA, I would definitely revisit more often!

This place should be at the top of your DTLA restaurant list.

The food is truly and consistently spectacular, and since you need to bring in your own wine and they don’t charge a corkage fee, you can have an amazing meal for two for well under $100.

Yeah, it’s a loud hole in the wall place with cramped seating; true, you’ll probably wait even if you show up on time with a reservation, and OK, the prices keep creeping up every time I go back.

But still, the food makes it all worthwhile.

This place is not to be missed; it is really terrific!

Delicious, comfort Italian food!

Definitely, a hole in the wall/Mom and Pop joint. Located right across from the Freehand Hotel (Rudolph’s Bar and Tea) and right next to the Golden Gopher (Bar). So, if you get there early before your dinner reservation starts, you can grab a drink. Or…

Bring Your Own Bottle (BYOB) and NO corkage fee! Colori Kitchen has no liquor license. One bottle per table is allowed. However, we saw some patrons bringing in more than one bottle, hehe! As long as you’re not drunken and disorderly, then it’s all good.

Parking: Street metered parking (watch for signs) or public parking lots. I ended up parking inside a flat rate $6 parking structure (on the righthand side, two blocks up when you pass Colori Kitchen and Whole Foods).

Here’s what we got and shared:

Drinks: Iced water for both of us with a second refill upon request. Earlier, we already had our Happy Hour session at Rudolph’s Bar and Tea.

Complimentary Ciabatta Bread Basket: Soo good!!! I love the crispy edges on the outside and it was super thick and fluffy on the inside. Served with balsamic vinegar and olive oil at our table. We also requested a second basket to sop up the delicious marinara sauce from our Tagiolini Neri dish (Special Squid Ink Pasta Seafood Dish of the Night).

Shared Appetizer
$15 Burrata: Creamy and mild tasting Burrata on top of red and golden tomatoes. Served with radicchio and chopped radicchio and cherry tomatoes, yum! When eaten alone with just the tomatoes, the Burrata did tasted a bit boring. However, when combined with the radicchio’s semi-bitter taste, it actually enhanced the Burrata’s flavor even better.

Shared Entrees
$24 Tagiolini Neri dish (Special Squid Ink Pasta Seafood Dish of the Night), A-MAZ-ING!!! You can’t go wrong with pasta and seafood together! The seafood portion consisted of calamari (super soft and tender), two huge mussels (plump and juicy), baby octopuses (crunchy and tasty) and clams (plentiful and delightful). The squid ink pasta itself was generous, creamy tasting and al-dente. The marinara sauce served with it was robust and quite aromatic. The leftover sauce was great for sopping up with the second helping of ciabatta bread we had requested. Topped off with parmesan cheese to finish off the plate. This dish was perfect for a semi-chilly Wednesday night.

$19 Tagliatelle Bolognese: Simplicity at its finest and another delicious comfort food! The fresh egg tagliatelle pasta was a generous helping. The pasta itself was firm and consistent, no thin or straggly strips. The Angus home ground beef was meaty and flavorful. The Bolognese sauce was savory and accompanied this dish perfectly. I wouldn’t mind being curled up on the couch eating this dish by a warm fireplace *feels all warm and fuzzy thinking about it*.

Shared Desserts
$7.50 Angel Food Cheesecake, A MUST GET!!! Heavenly and divine, best describes this creation. Super, super fluffy inside! Melts-in-your mouth sweetness and served with strawberry and custard sauces all around. Topped with powdered sugar to finish off the plating.

$7.00 Cannoli: Comes with three pieces, garnished with candied orange strips and dusted with powdered sugar. It was alright. We both agreed, Factory Kitchen’s cannoli still reigns supreme! The pastry dough shells were fried a little too long and tasted kind of hard. Even when I tried to break the shells in half with my spoon, it wouldn’t budge until the 3rd or 4th hit, yikes! Also, once I cracked it, the shells shattered all over, a definite no-no! The ricotta filling was firm, but the taste was dull. Wouldn’t recommend getting this.

My friend also got a $2.50 Espresso, which was completely adorable when served in a tiny cup and saucer! It smelled aromatic too!

Service: Our server/host was friendly and engaging. Upon entrance, he immediately greeted us and answered any questions we had regarding the Specials of the Night and/or the menu in general. The rest of the staffers were also delightful. Our food and drinks came out in a great and timely manner. Service was fantastic!

Ambience and D├ęcor: Spacious inside! I thought it was going to be tiny. Every nook and cranny of the restaurant was used up properly. The seating arrangements are great for small and large parties. The brick wall of course, gives off that warm, inviting and homey feel to it. Perfect for casual dining amongst family, friends and date nights. I didn’t visit the Women’s restroom.

Overall, I’m glad that I was finally able to dine at Colori Kitchen. The food, service and atmosphere were wonderful. Definitely looking forward to coming back here again, yay!

Definitely not going to get food here again, ordered delivery for chicken Alfredo and a cesare salad. Overpriced and not good. I was very unhappy for the amount of money I spent and the quality of food, half of the noodles were not even cooked.. definitely will not recommend this place. Also didn’t get my drink I ordered. Good luck staying open , you’d think during quarantine they would be trying to keep business not push it away…

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