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Modern Luxury Apartment Interior Design – Best apartment projects

When it comes for architecture and interior design services, Nobili Design is the perfect choice. We provide unique concepts, for high class design houses, projects of different sizes, in different places, for a wide range of customers. We not only provide the concepts of a design but also help with finishes and furniture of good quality. With a large portfolio of residential houses in big cities like London, Madrid, Paris, Barcelona, Vienna or Rome we take on any size of interior project. We have developed concepts for classic style interior design houses but also for modern style interior design houses.

Apartment Studio Interior Design – Apartment Interior Design Architects

Our commercial projects: hotels, restaurants, cafe bar, beauty salon, shops, hotels rooms and many more are created with lots of dedication and professionalism. Our best interior designers are preocupied to keep the

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3 easy projects that instantly transform a bathroom

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Updating the bathroom with the latest trends is something many homeowners desire, but the thought of a complete remodel can be overwhelming. Fortunately, there are many easy and accessible upgrades that you can make that will transform your bathroom and add value to your home.

Consider these three easy bathroom projects that reflect today’s hottest trends while adhering to any style home:

Update an existing vanity

If you have a dated vanity that has good bones, there’s no need to replace it. You can take charge with some DIY elbow grease and update it instead. For example, if you have a honey oak vanity that you want to update to a more current style, start by removing all hardware and cover to protect floors and vanity top. Then sand the surface and paint with primer so it’s ready for your choice of color and finishes.

Next, paint the

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Ready to tackle home improvement projects now that you finally have some time? 5 tips

So, has anyone in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic tried to turn into Bob Villa, or that fictional TV character, Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor?

More time at home has turned into more of an opportunity to do various home improvement projects, although that sometimes can be dangerous.

Scott Frankel, co-president of Frankel Building Group in Texas, offered five tips for those who are currently attempting or about to start home renovation projects while quarantined.

Think maintenance.

“Our advice is to focus on maintenance over additions,” Frankel said. “People are trying to find something exciting and something interesting. When they do that, they are thinking about expanding the home. Right now, we think the idea should be to keep things super simple.”

Examples of tasks that Frankel said people should be focused on are cleaning gutters, changing light bulbs, cleaning fans, cleaning shower and bath fixtures, simple plumbing jobs

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How to Make a Budget for Home Improvement Projects

Before you dive into renovating your family room or kitchen, you’ll need to know which projects give the best return on investment. That helps you make better choices for the biggest increase in your home’s value.

Kitchen renovations and finished basements and attics are the big winners here, accounting for as much as 10% to 15% of the total value of your home, according to CNN Money. Bathrooms lag behind slightly, accounting for 5% to 15% of property value, but smaller baths such as powder rooms or half baths contribute less.

Use these percentages, and any others that you can find, as guidelines when planning for home improvement projects. If your living room or bedroom is so sad and dated that you can’t imagine living with it for one more day, personal satisfaction can trump ROI to a certain extent.

Costs Related to Typical Projects

Americans love their kitchen renovations.

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Home Improvement Projects – Instructables

Homemade UV Disinfection Cabinet
Homemade UV Disinfection Cabinet
by e28m5blackie

in Home Improvement



IKEA DUKTIG -  Kids Kitchen - Microwave Upgrade
IKEA DUKTIG – Kids Kitchen – Microwave Upgrade
by dannield

in Home Improvement



Magnetic Key Holder Key Hanger
Magnetic Key Holder Key Hanger
by mahesh_jo

in Home Improvement



Toy Organization Cabinet With a Walnut Bench and Dovetail Drawers
Toy Organization Cabinet With a Walnut Bench and Dovetail Drawers
by DIY with Dave

in Shelves
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DIY Faux Wood PVC Pipes Bed Canopy
DIY Faux Wood PVC Pipes Bed Canopy
by miairajennings

in Home Improvement



How to Do the German Shmear- Its Easier Than You Think!
How to Do the German Shmear- Its Easier Than You
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6 Easy Home Improvement Projects with Big Benefits

When you’re a homeowner, there’s always something to do, fix or replace. Before you kick off your next home improvement project, think about ways you could use it as an opportunity to make your home safer or improve its energy efficiency. These six easy home improvement projects are the perfect place to start.

1. Plant Shade Trees

Good for: Energy efficiency

Landscaping is a great way to boost curb appeal. Trees and shrubs can also offer protection from weather and improve your home’s energy efficiency. For example, outdoor air conditioning units exposed to direct sunlight work harder and use more energy. Planting shade trees around them keeps units protected and in better working condition.

2. Install Weather-Resistant Roof Shingles

Good for: Cost savings

Because weather-resistant shingles can decrease or eliminate roof damage caused by extreme heat, high winds or excessive rain or snow, they may be eligible for a homeowners

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The 5 Best Home Improvement Projects to Do This Winter

The coldest months of the year may not seem like the best moment for home improvements, but experts say that, on the contrary, winter is actually the ideal time to tackle certain projects.

Only which ones? Well, it largely boils down to what you can easily do indoors … and what you’ll enjoy most now that the temperature has dropped.

In case you’re looking for some ideas to make the most of some frosty weekend, check out this list of what experts say are some of the best winter upgrades around.

1. Add a spa showerhead

Your shower will never be the same again.
Your shower will never be the same again.


Replacing your showerhead is a quick and easy way to upgrade your bathroom—and what’s better than a hot, spalike shower on a frigid morning?

For a truly luxurious upgrade, Matt Daigle, CEO and founder of Rise, a site that connects U.S. homeowners with home

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Interior Design Projects

The cafe provides a bright and fun escape from the workplace and also serves as a go-to spot for quick meetings. Photography by Ralf Strathmann. 

When planning the redesign of GFP Real Estate’s new Manhattan office space, RA-DA Architects, a boutique design practice based in Los Angeles, focused on designing the workspace with a sense of “community” in mind. The real estate firm, whose business makes them landlords to many other New York companies, needed a well-designed work environment to give them their own space reflective of their culture while serving as an example to their tenants.

The office space, which occupies the 14th floor of a Park Avenue high-rise overlooking Grand Central Station, needed to serve the primary purpose of a functional workspace. GFP already had space on the fifth and 12th floors of the same building with the company’s board room and meeting space. The challenge was to

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Home Improvement at HomePros – Home Improvement Remodeling, Repair, Ideas & Projects

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At HomePros you will find the best resources for ideas about Design, Projects, Services, and Green Building Options. Find, discuss, and collaborate with Home Improvement and Remodeling professionals as well as Homeowners who share their ideas and experiences! By joining our home and garden community, everyone involved in a home improvement project can benefit from HomePros social networking applications and take the hassle out of repair and remodeling.

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DIY Home Improvement: 12 Home Projects You Should Never DIY

Malfunctioning sink pipes


Drano didn’t get the water flowing again but it’s pretty clear the pipe under the sink is the culprit. All you need is a bucket and a wrench to get that hairy clog out, right? Think again. Doyle James, president of Mr.Rooter Plumbing says unless you are certain you know where the problem is, dismantling pipes can be risky. “Pipes are complex and very tricky to reassemble, particularly when they’re in close proximity to other plumbing components and machinery, such as dishwashers or garbage disposals,” says James. Even if you’re certain the obstruction is under the sink, if you don’t have prior experience with dismantling and reassembling pipes, you better leave it to a plumber, James says.

Installing dishwashers


Buying a new dishwasher at a superstore doesn’t always come with free installation, but hiring a pro is definitely worth the extra cost according to James

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