The #1 Thing You Should Never do in a Public Bathroom

hari drack

I am always leery when I use public toilets. What is lurking on the seat, under the seat, and in the bowl? All those people in and out tracking bacteria all over the place make me cringe. This is even more so now with everything that is going on in the world. Read on to discover the number one thing you should never do in a public bathroom…especially right now!

One organization did a real-life study on the number of bacteria in a public bathroom. They swabbed the bathroom after a full days’ use, and to my surprise, they found that the toilet (although it had plenty of germs present) was not the dirtiest thing in the bathroom. Swabs from the sink revealed 50,000 bacteria on and around the sink. Gross right?

My fascination with public toilet bacteria was heightened even more when I came across an article on Fox

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