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The Ice Kitchen recipes: Tasty meals to fill your freezer

We are all time-strapped and wallet-wary, while still wanting to enjoy exciting, flavoursome, homemade meals at the drop of a hat. Basically, we want it all. And you know what? We can have it all. Introducing The Ice Kitchen Method of cooking, eating and (if it isn’t too over the top to say) living!

All the hard work and planning has been done for you: there will be no waste; there is always a use for that random carrot/chicken breast/lemon half; you’ll be able to tailor meals to your fussy children/ partner/guest; and dishes will be packed with vegetables, goodness and flavour.

You’ll cook once and eat twice; avoid expensive takeaways and instead indulge in delicious, wholesome meals that are cost-effective and quick, and where you know exactly what is in them.

All this is possible with your freezer.

The Ice Kitchen recipes

Long gone is the need for cardboard 

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Free Range on Food: Learning to cook, Passover, taking control of the kitchen, this week’s recipes and more!

It’s spring and so even with all the stress and sorrow over the coronavirus pandemic, we look forward to precious holidays, buds and blooms.

How are you celebrating Passover and Easter this year? Are you going to gather with family and friends on Facebook, through Zoom?

Food writer Susan Barocas, who is joining us for the chat today, plans to that. And she offers a few variations on favorite Passover dishes, such as a vegetarian matzoh ball soup, a nut-free haroset and a delicious herby kuku, for a year that will be less than traditional

Even if you’re enjoying the meal with your small household, your brisket is a great idea because you can enjoy the leftovers throughout the holiday. Try Ellie Krieger’s terrifically tender recipe. Ellie also is joining us for the chat.

Eggs are a big part of both Passover and Easter celebrations. If you can get your

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Aggie’s Kitchen – everyday healthy recipes for everyday healthy living

Oven Roasted Red Potatoes with Smoked Paprika make a simple and healthy side dish to add to any meal. One of my family’s favorites! Seasoned well and baked in oven until crisp!

cubes of oven roasted red potatoes seasoned with smoked paprika in a large serving bowl

If I had to pick a favorite way to prepare potatoes, it would have to be oven roasting them. I love how they get perfectly crisp on the outside, but still soft on the inside when baked at high heat in the oven. I love seasoning them up real well too; potatoes can be like a blank canvas with endless possibilities with help from your spice cabinet.

This potato side dish is one of my favorite recipes to make – and one of my family’s favorite to eat, it’s one of my main go-to recipes. I can’t tell you how many times I have made them for my family. (Another family favorite are these Cheddar-Dill Roasted Red Potatoes 

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Mel’s Kitchen Cafe | Delicious + easy recipes from my kitchen to yours!

Amazing Yukon Gold Potato Cinnamon Rolls: Fluffy, Easy, Delicious!

by Mel

April 3, 2020

Making cinnamon rolls this weekend? I gathered all of my favorite cinnamon roll recipes in one place so you can easily figure out which recipe to make! 

We have traditional cinnamon rolls.

No-yeast cinnamon rolls. 

Giant cinnamon rolls. 

Overnight cinnamon rolls. 

Basically, every cinnamon roll recipe you’ve ever wanted is right here!

dipping easy homemade soft pretzel bites in homemade cheese sauce

April 1, 2020

Easy Homemade Soft Pretzel Bites

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March 27, 2020

Friday Thoughts

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white plate with homemade German spaetzle noodles and meatballs and fork

March 25, 2020

Homemade German Spaetzle Dumplings {+ Quick How-To Video}

Spaetzle is a delicious, tiny dumpling (or chubby

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Kitchen Stories – Recipes & Cooking

Millions of users around the world are already cooking with Kitchen Stories, the winner of Google Play’s Design Award—now it’s your turn! Download it now to be inspired by thousands of free recipes, HD instructional videos, and articles about cooking and baking. Plus, publish your own recipes to share with our global community of home cooks. It’s easy to use and offers a variety of irresistible recipes that appeal to beginners and experts alike. Ready to get cooking?

Enjoy these features on the Kitchen Stories app:
✔ Show off your cooking skills by uploading your own recipes to share with our international community
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✔ Set up your personal profile and save your favorite recipes

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