6 reasons that estate shutters have staying power in your home decor | Home/Garden

hari drack

Micah is here today. I like Micah. Micah has no idea how much I like him or how long I have been waiting for him. Micah is installing estate shutters in my bedroom. I have been hankering for this home improvement for 32 months, 16 days and five hours.

Ever since my husband and I moved into our Happier Yellow House and made our to-do list, shutters in our room have been on it. The house already had handsome white shutters on all the front windows, but the prior owners took their foot off the gas in the back of the house, where they hung cheaper, white wood blinds.

The first time I tried to open them, the wand came off in my hand. The blinds never worked again. 

But every time the shutters crept to the top of the hit list, another budget biter smacked it down, and we’d

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