15 amazing pieces of Halloween decor you can get from Walmart

The best Halloween decor from Walmart (Photo: Walmart)

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Whether you’re shopping for spooky accents for your own home or sending your friends a holiday care package, Walmart has great Halloween decor options for every space. Walmart is one of our favorite places to shop for affordable goods, so it should come as no surprise that you can get these great decorations without breaking the bank.

Here are some of the best Halloween decorations you can get at Walmart. If you’re signed up for Walmart+, check your local store’s site before going through Walmart’s website—that way, you can get expedited shipping.

1. An incredible garland made from leaves

The best part? You can keep these leaves up after Halloween! (Photo: Walmart)

This autumnal garland is a perfect addition for any mantlepiece, bookshelf, or coffee table. Wind it around some black candles, thread it through the railing on the stairs—the options are limitless! The garland comes in two pieces for a total 13 feet of maple leaf goodness.

Reviewers warn that you may need to purchase more than two strands to fully cover your space. Make sure you measure before you buy!

Get the Coolmade 2 Pack Fall Maple Leaf Garland from Walmart for $15.99

2. Spooky wine labels for your virtual Halloween Happy Hour

These wine labels look great on any bottle. (Photo: Walmart)

If you’re a fan of wine and need a holiday bar cart addition, these labels are perfect. Not only do they come in six unique creepy options, but they also make it a little easier to decorate with what’s readily available at home. If you’ve got friends you haven’t seen recently—and they’re big wine fans—consider sending these labels to them to bring a little holiday cheer to their table.

Get the Bewitching Halloween Wine Bottle Labels from Walmart for $10.98

3. Decorative pumpkin lights perfect for holiday flair

These pumpkin lights look great both inside and outside. (Photo: Walmart)

String lights can infuse a space with warmth, and these pumpkin string lights are perfect for a cozy Halloween look. You can store them in a hurricane vase or line the walls with Jack-o-lanterns—or use them as a picture-perfect backdrop for any spooky photos you need to take.

Get the TORCHSTAR 20 LEDs String Lights, Holiday Decorative Lights with 3D Flat Pumpkins from Walmart for $14.99

4. This incredibly creepy skull decanter

This decanter is just as spooky with or without liquid. (Photo: Walmart)

Who says decor can’t be functional? If you have a bar cart that could use some new additions, this decanter is a perfect spooky staple that can hold up to 33 ounces of your favorite liquor. Channel some Indiana Jones vibes while pouring autumnal cocktails.

If you’re not a big drinker, fill the decanter with water dyed red or purple for an extra spooky Halloween decoration.

Get the Phantom Skull Decanter for Liquor from Walmart for $24.95

5. These adorable ghost props for your lawn

Just don’t mistake these ghosts for Trick-or-Treaters. (Photo: Walmart)

I made the most involuntary squeak when I saw these. If your yard is just screaming to host these ghosts, you’re in luck. These ghosts can be placed in grass or dirt and even light up at night.

Get the Group of Spooky Ghost Lawn Props from Walmart for $18.66

6. The perfect decoration if you love being extra

We love a good inflatable piece of home decor. (Photo: Walmart)

The amount of joy this item brought me. This 8 ft. inflatable tree is covered with pumpkins and ghosts and even boasts a dangling spider. This is perfect for anyone with a yard, and lights up so you can spread a little spooky cheer around the neighborhood.

Get the HOMCOM 8ft Halloween Inflatable Lighted Outdoor Decoration LED – Dead Tree with Ghost Pumpkins from Walmart for $89.99

7. Classic webbing for every corner in your home

Is it really Halloween without fake cobwebs? (Photo: Walmart)

What’s Halloween without a little fake cobwebbing? This pack of cobwebs comes with a few fake spiders and can cover up to 400 square feet of space, making it perfect for bushes or furniture.

Get the White Spider Web Halloween Decoration from Walmart for $8.88

8. These loveable inflatable pumpkins

Just TRY not to smile when you look at these pumpkins. (Photo: Walmart)

Look at these faces! These Halloween pumpkins are about as threatening as a Halloween puppy, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t perfect for outdoor decorations. They stand about five feet wide and light up at night, so you can keep smiling with them throughout the evening.

Get the Airblown Inflatable Halloween Jack-O-Lantern Stack from Walmart for $49.99

9. This nightmare-inducing doll decoration

Whatever you do, don’t insult her. (Photo: Walmart)

Tell me if there are typos, because I’m typing this description with my eyes closed. This frightening doll is not for the faint of heart, but serves as an excellent piece of Halloween decor if you’re leaning heavily into the spooky vibes. Just maybe lock it in a closet when you go to bed at night?

Get the Haunted Holly Animated Roaming Doll from Walmart for $44.99

10. This sweet colorful ghost to cleanse your palate

This ghost is honestly just happy to be here. (Photo: Walmart)

Look at this happy little guy! This colorful ghost makes an adorable piece of tabletop decor. He changes color throughout the day, so you can see him shine with every color of the rainbow. He comes in just under 6 inches tall, meaning you can pick him up and show him off during every single Zoom call you have over the holiday.

Get the Soft Glow Halloween Ghost with Color Change LEDs from Walmart for $9.99

11. A crow in a cage that moves when you do

Just don’t open the door, ok? (Photo: Walmart)

Is it really Halloween if there aren’t any terrifying birds? This animatronic bird is thankfully caged, but that doesn’t stop him from being any less creepy. He’s also animated, so he’ll move when he sees motion. This caged bird makes a great spooky decoration that doubles as a fun toy.

Get the Crow in Cage Animated Halloween Decoration from Walmart for $27.35

12. This sweet kitty coated Halloween throw

Snuggle up with this blanket next time you watch a scary movie. (Photo: Walmart)

If you prefer a cutesy Halloween to a spooky one, this precious blanket is perfect for you. It’s covered in happy cats wearing witch hats, plus it’s made of plush fleece, so it’s as warm as it is darling.

Get the Happy Halloween Microplush Throw Blanket from Walmart for $19.99

13. These adorable Halloween dish towels

You should be swapping out your dish towels every season. (Photo: Walmart)

Fall is definitely the time of year I’m most active in the kitchen, trying my best to whip up seasonal soups and baked goods. It’s also a distinctly messy time for my kitchen, and having themed items can help make even cleaning feel a little more festive. These dishtowels are machine washable and are made with cotton to help wipe up the worst messes.

Get the DII Halloween Potions Dishtowel Set from Walmart for $18.75

14. A literal bag of fake hands

This bag of fake hands is perfect as a centerpiece. (Photo: Walmart)

Nothing says Halloween like dismembered appendages, and this bag of hands is exactly what you’d expect. This would be a fun gag gift or even a great addition to a scary centerpiece. Pro tip: hang it above your fireplace and then swap it out for stockings when the colder months come around.

Get the 4 Hands Bag of Doll Hands Halloween Decoration from Walmart for $13.94

15. This very realistic coffin decoration

Fill this fake coffin with Halloween treats for a true spooky vibe. (Photo: Walmart)

My roommates and I debated about this item for a long time, trying to determine if it was necessary enough to merit taking up space in our tiny apartment. The answer was eventually no, but had I ample space this definitely would have been on my list to include in the decor haul. Who doesn’t want a 5 ft. coffin? This item has one review on Walmart’s website that says “it gets the job done.”

Get the 60in. Brown Realistic Wooden Coffin with Lid from Walmart for $35.68

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