When some people hear of acoustic treatments, they only think about recording studios, theater halls, and entertainment rooms. But the truth is, acoustic solutions can be integrated into any facility from offices to retail stores and homes. When there are too many hard surfaces that allow sound waves to reverberate throughout a building, you can face the problem of competing sounds of conversations or footsteps in the building.

The primary purpose of acoustic treatments is to diffuse or absorb sound to help you achieve better sound quality in the room. They come in various forms, and we’ll take a deeper look into some of them.

Acoustic panels

Acoustic wall panels absorb sound waves, especially in rooms where reverberation is a big issue. Instead of letting the sound waves reflect off and travel throughout the room, the panels absorb and diffuse the sound minimizing the echoey. The best thing about acoustic wall panels is that you can hang them anywhere in a room to blend in with the decor. Some look like art, so it is hard for someone to know they are acoustic treatments unless you tell them.

Acoustic foams


Although they are similar to acoustic panels, acoustic foam panels come in the form of raw materials commonly used in recording studios and offices or businesses that need acoustic treatments. As a fact, many of the acoustic panels are usually made of acoustic foams. While acoustic panels are smooth, acoustic foams feature a unique egg crate-like surface, making them suitable for spaces that require heavy-duty acoustic treatments. They can also be used on both walls and ceilings to absorb sound.

Bass traps

Bass traps are convenient for regulating low-frequency sound waves, which can be long and powerful. Low frequency sounds usually accumulate in the corner of a room, making the bass sound too loud in the room. Just as their name suggests, bass traps absorb bass sound in a room. They are manufactured from porous materials such as foam and rigid fiberglass to absorb the sound waves effectively. They also come in different types, so you can choose depending on the acoustic problems you want to deal with.

Ceiling clouds

Although many acoustic treatments are designed to be fitted on walls, some are designed for the ceiling. Ceiling clouds are lightweight panels designed to hang horizontally on the ceiling. They make the perfect acoustic treatment, especially for buildings with high ceilings, which contribute to a high reverberation effect. Ceiling clouds feature different materials and styles; foam, metal, and others are wrapped in fabric. I’m sure you have come across a creative modern looking ceiling and didn’t even realize they were acoustic treatments.

Diffuser panels

Acoustic panels, bass traps, acoustic foams, and ceiling clouds are meant to absorb sound, but diffuser panels are acoustic treatments meant to diffuse sound. While absorbing sound dampens the entire room, you may want to stop the sound waves from causing echo without fully absorbing the sound. In such cases, diffuser panels come in handy. You can even use them together with other sound-absorbing treatments.


There are many acoustic treatments you can use for your space, and these are just some of them.

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