6 home improvements to tackle, post-pandemic, (number 6 is our favourite)

Home improvements can take time, so it’s no surprise that when we were all in lockdown and spending far more time at home, our DIY skills were put to the test.

Now that many of us are readjusting to life, post-pandemic, sure we’re becoming accustomed to wearing masks and social distancing measures outside the home, but, what about when it comes to our own space and surroundings? 

The reality is that while lockdown restrictions were loosened for many of us, we are still very much in an unstable climate. With news of reinforced lockdown measures in certain parts of the UK, and worries of a second wave firing up our televisions and mobile screens, it’s clear that we need to look ahead and adjust to a new way of living, in and out of our homes.

Enhancing home decor and maximising a space’s functionality is what Real Homes is all about. So for the latest home improvement ideas, just keep scrolling. Whether you’re considering a complete house renovation or if you want to make a few vital cosmetic changes, this is how you can improve your own home in six different ways, along with insight from creative director, Hayley Robson, at Day True.

1. We’re going open plan

a desk with a chair in a room: (Image credit: Day True)

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(Image credit: Day True)

Since we’ve been able to have guests over, it’s been a dream. That is, unless you’ve a tiny kitchen space, in which case it can wreak havoc and many a hilarious dance routine as everyone tries to maintain some distance between one another. 

The solution? Open plan and multi-functional kitchens. Not only will they look great, but the added space and high-performance of them will make cooking an exceptional experience, and hosting will be breezy. 

Hayley Robson adds, “Breakfast bars, large dining tables and even portable solutions should be considered to ensure functional seating and serving solutions.” And we couldn’t agree more.

For more bright kitchen ideas check out our feature, and if you’re curious about kitchen extensions, we can help too.

2. We’re letting storage come first

(Image credit: Day True)

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(Image credit: Day True)

We’re not trying to bring back memories of toilet roll hoarding, however, it is clear that our shopping habits have changed and that we are now buying in bulk. So, when quick trips to your local shop every couple of days have turned into one big weekly or monthly shop, online or by going in store, you may have then been spending more time putting everything away in a tidy manner. 

The solution? A pantry. Pantry storage was a key feature in Victorian homes and certainly makes storing canned foods and store cupboard essentials like flour, pasta, you name it, far more streamlined (and stylish). If you haven’t got room for a separate pantry, there are still plenty of ways that you can incorporate clever kitchen storage solutions into your space.

3. We’re saying yes to clean living

a chair sitting in front of a window: (Image credit: Day True)

© Provided by Real Homes
(Image credit: Day True)

You know you’ll find many a fabulous cleaning hack with Real Homes, but our clean living habits are stepping up a notch.

According to Hayley Robson, “Hygiene will be of the utmost importance, so we expect to see the introduction of dedicated hand washing areas incorporated into homes. Fresh air and good ventilation will also be key, ensuring that natural light and access to outdoor space is maximised.”

The solution? You can find advice on choosing the best kitchen sink in our guide, while some of the most common house plants will make great home additions if you’re looking for natural air purifiers.

4. We’re honing in on home offices

a display in a room: (Image credit: Garden Trading)

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(Image credit: Garden Trading)

Flexible working is what we’re becoming accustomed to, and it can work so well if your set up is just right. 

The solution? It’s important to have a dedicated space for your working hours, depending on your work needs of course, so that at the end of the day, you can leave work behind and help maintain a healthy work life balance. We’d recommend taking time out to surround yourself with home office ideas for all the inspiration you need to perfect yours.

If a garage conversion or other type of home renovation project could help you create more room for a home office set up, check out our information pieces.

5. We’re creating blissful bathrooms

a room with a sink and a mirror: (Image credit: Day True)

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(Image credit: Day True)

Self-care is on the up, and at a time when everyone is feeling the pressure, it’s now more important than ever. 

“For a while, the bathroom has been a place to retreat to after a long and hectic day, however with self-care and health now even more at the forefront of the mind, we expect to see the home spa rise in importance.” Suggests Hayley Robson. And, we couldn’t agree more. Bathrooms are working harder than ever, in many ways and especially due to the fact that many of us are spending more time at home, so it is completely worth investing some time in carefully decorating your space, and ensuring your bathroom design is on point so that it can keep your wellbeing in check, and better cater for your household hygiene needs too.

We have bathroom ideas aplenty if you are looking for inspiration. 

6. And even calmer bedrooms

a made bed in a room: (Image credit: Day True)

© Provided by Real Homes
(Image credit: Day True)

The bathroom may be where you go to start unwinding, but to complete an evening of relaxation, your bedroom needs to be your own little sanctuary. If that is not the case…

The solution? Ample bedroom storage for de-cluttered surroundings, a light and bright colour scheme and perfect bedroom lighting (as above) will all work wonderfully together to create the calm ambiance that you need to feel fresh and rested.

For bedroom ideas and inspiration you can look to our feature.

A final note from Hayley Robson, “Ultimately, good design, spatial planning and superior functionality will ensure we get the most out of our homes post pandemic. Design should be timeless with added personal touches that reflect who we are, who we love and where we have been and ultimately should ensure that a safe, healthy environment is provided.”

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