7 Silent Signs That Your Roof May Be Failing

7 Silent Signs That Your Roof May Be Failing

Your roof above you does not mean its damages cannot be checked and prepared for. Most people who suffer from a fallen roof would say they don’t understand how the roof had fallen. Meanwhile, the said roof must have been given them signs about its frailty. It’s important to note these signs and prepare for them adequately. You might think it’s difficult to identify an about-to-fall roof, but it’s not.

While it is not advisable you climb on your roof to inspect damages or changes, there are other ways to check for it. The following ways have been explored, tested, and trusted by homeowners on ReviewsBird.com. Although they might require some form of professional services, we believe there are parts you can do yourself.

1.     Loose or missing shingles:

When shingles are loose or missing, you know your roof is about to dive. Missing shingles can be due to storms or heavy wind. Sometimes, shingles become loose when the roof itself has gone beyond its prime. It’s your duty to look for them and either repair or replace the roof.

2.     Curling, cracking, or blistering shingles:

When any of these happens to your roof, know it probably has gotten to the end of its functions. Blistering shingles are the result of a poor roof ventilation system. A replacement is ideal for such an event.

3.     Sagging roof:

When your roof drags down as if it is sagging, consider it weak and dilapidating. It could be because of the weight in it or it could be because the roof was not properly installed in the first place. Whatever it is, a sagging roof is a clear sign that your roof is about to fall.

4.     Granules on the floor:

Granules are particles associated with your roof. Like an animal shedding its skin, a weak roof also sheds granules. Having granules on the floor or in your gutter is a sign that your roof might need a replacement.

5.     Loose nailheads:

The function of nails is to hold your roof together. When nails are beginning to get loose, popping out of place, your roof would be susceptible to water penetration through the holes. This can lead to roof leaking and therefore damage your roof and building.

6.     Leaking water:

Another noticeable sign is when your room leaks due to a poor or damaged shingle underlayment. This can cause your house to be flooded after heavy rainfall. Check for holes, repair them, or just find a replacement.

7.     Aging roof:

Once your roof is over 40 years, it ages, grows weak, and becomes dilapidated. An asphalt roof shingle, for instance, takes around 20 to 25 before a replacement. Check your roof’s type and replace it every 20 years or less.


Several warnings will point you to the condition of your roof, and so you need to be more urgent and proactive with your attention. Otherwise, you risk more costly damages and repairs to not just the roof but the entirety of your house.

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