Best Ways To Prevent Termites in Your Home

Best Ways To Prevent Termites in Your Home

Termites can cause a lot of damage to your home leading to costly repairs. There are plenty of methods to prevent termites from congregating near your home. All it takes is regular maintenance and exterior home inspections to make sure termites stay far from your house.

Remove Wood

Wood on your home that comes in contact with the ground increases the likelihood of a termite infestation. Keep bushes and shrubs trimmed so they’re at least 12 inches away from your house. Check any wood components on your home, such as door and window frames, to make sure they are at least six inches above the ground. Don’t store firewood, lumber, newspaper or cardboard against your home because termites love the moisture and food sources these provide. Keeping your exterior spaces clear helps cape coral pest control companies inspect for termites and gives them the ability to notice termite tubes.

Reduce Moisture

Inspect your exterior for any damp areas and collected water. Moisture attracts termites quickly so check gutters, plumbing lines and areas near your air conditioning units. Make sure to check basement areas and crawlspaces for moisture as well. If you use lawn sprinklers direct them away from the house foundation to prevent pooling water. If you notice areas where water is pooling fix it immediately.

Reduce Mulch Usage

Mulch retains moisture, which creates a breeding ground for termites. If you enjoy the aesthetic appeal of mulch, make sure to use it sparingly. Only place a couple of inches of mulch in your landscaping and avoid touching the house foundation when you spread it. Another option is to use pine needles instead of mulch because termites aren’t as attracted to it.

Hire an Inspector

Pest control companies can come out to your home to inspect the exterior for any termite nests or existing termite damage. If there is a problem they can treat the areas with termites to prevent further damage. They are trained to spot any openings that termites may be drawn to on the exterior of your home and will spray a termiticide on the infested areas. Infestations can reoccur so a good company will come out to retreat the areas until the entire problem is eradicated.

Prevention is essential when it comes to fighting termites. With the proper exterior maintenance, and regular professional inspections, you have the ability to avoid paying hundreds or thousands of dollars to repair termite damage.

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