Choosing Light Fixtures for Every Room in Your New Home

Choosing lighting for your home is a big decision. You may not realize how much it matters at the beginning, but once fixtures are installed, you will see how truly important it really is. Each room of your house will require specific lighting needs, so consider these tips for making this planning process as easy as possible.


A kitchen will have many different types of light fixtures. You will likely want something bright like a fluorescent light in the kitchen. You may want pendant lights to hang over the counter. You might consider adding lighting under your cabinets as well to brighten up the countertops. If possible, you can design your kitchen so that natural light streams in.


The bathroom is where you want bright lights and lots of them. When choosing lighting St Petersburg FL for your bathroom, consider that you will need several fixtures. You will need lights above all the mirrors, over the bathtub and above the shower. Try to get lighting that is as close to natural outdoor light as possible; this will make it easier for you to put on your makeup and look great when you leave the house.


You can add wall sconces next to the bed for extra lighting if you choose. This can add a fun retro vibe to the room as well. You do not want the light in the bedroom to be too harsh; instead choose a warm light that is relaxing and soothing. You should utilize any natural light that you have in your bedroom; after all, it is best to let some morning sunlight come in to naturally wake you.

Choosing the lighting for your home is easier than ever with these simple tips. Consider that every room is unique, and choose the lighting accordingly.

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