How to use moss killer

How to use moss killer

It can happen to the best of us, moss in your lawn. After some time you have some moss spots on your lawn that you really want to get rid of. Maybe you have a bit of knowledge about it already and maybe not. Either way, there are a few things you should know and do before the moss is gone. Somepeople think the moss disappears on its own, and sometimes that can be the case, but you’ll be better just taking care of it yourself.


To start off, you have to know how the moss got in your lawn in the first place. Moss is something that is formed by the grass thinning out. This can happen to your grass because of the weather, when there is too much shade of your grass, or when there is poor air circulation, but also a low and high soil PH can play a part in the thinning of the grass. Most of the time the moss has a slightly yellow tint to it, some other mosses might have the ground feel a bit like a sponge, this depends on the kind of moss you’re dealing with.

Getting rid of it

To get rid of the moss you can use moss killer. Moss killer is – like its name says – a product especially made to get rid of the moss problem. You can buy it yourself, or look up some ways to make it yourself on the internet. If you decide you want to make it yourself, be aware of the fact that it might not work, but it’s always worth a try. If you get a chemical moss killer there might be some iron sulphate in there. This also is used to fertilise your lawn so it has benefits to it as well. Before you use the moss killer, maybe try scarifying your lawn first. This might thin out the moss a bit which makes it easier to get rid of.

Lawn feed

Once you’ve gotten rid of the moss spots, there’s a chance you might have some empty spots where the grass just stopped growing. If this is the case make sure to use some lawn feed. Fertiliser and lawn feed are basically the same thing, they’re considered as food for your lawn to give it the right nutrients and keep it healthy. After you’ve done all that and your grass has started to grow back, your lawn is hopefully as good as new.

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