Interior designers share 10 ways to make your bedroom look better for free

  • Insider asked interior designers to share what you can do to update your bedroom without buying anything new.
  • They agreed that everyone should start by decluttering their room in order to create a more relaxed and open vibe.
  • By getting rid of extra throw pillows and rearranging your blankets and furniture, you can also breathe new life into your room.
  • Restyling your shelves or dresser tops with items you’re currently loving can also help your space feel fresh.
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It seems like there’s no better time to give your bedroom a cost-free makeover.

Fortunately, there are a lot of ways to upgrade a space by reworking, rearranging, and redecorating what you already have.

Insider asked several interior designers to share their best tips for achieving an elevated bedroom look without spending any money. Here’s what they had to say:

Lose the excess fabric in your room.

To elevate your bedroom, get rid of excess fabrics, said Christina Nielsen, principal designer and founder of Christina Nielsen Design.

“I love the feel of drapes, especially in a bedroom, but too much fabric overwhelms the space,” Nielsen told Insider.

If you have blinds and drapes, get rid of one or the other, Nielsen recommended. It can open up the room, she said, and you’re able to frame the window instead of concealing it.

Get rid of items that don’t serve an important or essential purpose.

In order to create a serene space where you can relax, it’s important to declutter your bedroom, said Kim Coleman, owner and CEO of Kim Coleman Interiors.

One of the first things to remove your space are unnecessary items, which includes furniture that is too bulky or is often unused, Sara Barney, owner and principal designer of BANDD DESIGN told Insider.

Take time to get organised and find a place for everything.

Kate Lester, interior designer and owner of Kate Lester Interiors, said organising your space – even the parts hidden behind drawers and doors – can easily transform it.

“Organise all of your drawers and closet and make sure you create a place for everything,” she told Insider. This also includes clearing off your surfaces that are typically covered in piles of clothes and stacks of papers.

Switch up your bedding by flipping it over, layering it, or swapping out blankets.

Karin Bohn, owner and creative director of House of Bohn, said changing up your bedding is an easy way to revitalize your bedroom. She said you can start by swapping out or rearranging pillows and throw blankets.

Since many duvets are double-sided, Lester said, you can also try flipping yours to see what’s on the other side.

“This is such an instant bed makeover that immediately makes [a] space feel updated and fresh,” Lester told Insider.

Bring in some flowers or branches from outside.

According to Barney, there’s really no easier way to make a room feel bright and lively than bringing in some fresh florals and greenery.

“Grab a plant friend from your patio or pick some flowers and place them in a vase on your bedside table,” she told Insider.

Restyle the tops of your dressers, shelves, and nightstands.

A simple, but effective way to upgrade your space is by changing up the decor on your dressers and shelves, said Bohn. By swapping out books, candles, vases, and decor pieces, you can create a new vignette, which will leave the space feeling new and exciting.

Another thing you can do is swap out items on your nightstands with things you’re currently loving.

“Add a book you are reading or want to read, a diffuser with your favourite aromatherapy scents, and your favourite night serum,” Bohn told Insider. “This way, you have all of your favourite things in one place.”

Rearrange your furniture.

Switching up your furniture layout can also give your room a fresh, updated feel, said Barney. A new orientation can make a huge difference.

But before you start moving big pieces around, be sure to keep in mind the scale of your furniture and your room, she added.

Also keep functionality in mind as you rearrange – you don’t want to end up with your nightstand on the opposite end of the room when you really need it next to your bed.

Find a way to hide unsightly cords and cables.

Even when your bedroom is clean and made up, phone chargers and lamp cords can still be an eyesore, Barney said.

“Use small Command hooks or tape to tuck those cords behind your bedroom furniture so that they aren’t dangling in plain sight,” she told Insider. “This will make your bedroom look more polished and neat.”

You may also be able to tuck long cords behind furniture or beneath carpets.

Change up the lighting in your space.

Having more light in your space can make it feel more airy and open, Barney said.

If you have a table or floor lamp in your home that’s barely being used, she said, consider putting it in your bedroom to bring in extra light.

You can also move around your furniture or re-hang your curtains to ensure you’re maximizing the sunlight in your room.

Lose the stacks of throw pillows, or arrange them differently,

If your pillows are taking up half of your bed, it’s time to lose a few of them, Barney said. Having a set or two of decorative or euro shams is the perfect amount to make your bed stylish while also keeping it looking polished, she added.

If you insist on keeping multiple pillows and layers of fabric on your bed, try rearranging them instead.

“Stack your pillows and place the euro shams in front,” Nielsen told Insider. “Iron the duvet and fold tightly into the corners. This will elevate the feel or a room without even needing to do anything else.”

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