Orimade bathroom shower shelf: affordable bathroom organization

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Seeing how well the shelf organized my products, my roommate bought one for herself and her side of our shared bathroom.

Connie Chen/Business Insider

  • The easy organizational fix for all the products cluttering my bathroom costs less than $20 and is sold on Amazon by a new-to-me brand. 
  • The Orimade Bathroom Shelf ($18) is a simple and strong stainless steel shelf that adheres to the wall with no tools or additional hardware, and can hold a good amount of weight.
  • I’ve used it for almost two years and it hasn’t budged even though I bump into it and add new products to it often. 
  • If you want an organization solution that’s effective and requires very little effort on your part, look no further than this affordable and versatile shelf. 
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The result of 1) a job that requires taking home and reviewing various products and 2) a typical New York City apartment design where countertop and living space is half the size it should be, is unsurprisingly a very cluttered bathroom. 

Almost two years ago following frustrating and foolish attempts to play the delicate game of product Tetris, I knew I had to do something about this unorganized lifestyle and looked to Amazon for inspiration.

My attitude then, as it still is now, is that when it comes to buying for my home, I like splurging on good-looking kitchenware or houseplants, but take on a more utilitarian approach when looking for organization and storage products, whether they’re for my closet or for my kitchen. 

The Orimade free-standing shelf is inexpensive yet durable and easy to assemble

Wanting something cheap, simply designed, and durable, I found my match in this $18 bathroom shelf by Orimade.

A big factor that drew me to it was the description of the easy, tool-free installation. These magical words have previously led me to finds like the $100 Zinus platform bed frame and will continue to be my guiding light as long as I remain a lazy and impatient nomad wandering between short-term lease commitments. 

The stainless steel shelf measures 15.8 x 4.2 x 2.4 inches and attaches securely to the wall with adhesives, so you won’t damage the walls. However, the damage-free promise only applies to smooth, hard surfaces like ceramic tile, flat marble, and plank. If you stick it to wallpaper or a painted wall, it will take the paint off when you remove it. 

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I’ve been impressed with the securing system and adhesive strength of this shelf set.

Connie Chen/Business Insider

The instructions to install the shelf were easy to follow:

  1. Clean the wall surface
  2. Apply one adhesive (it has two sets of hooks to hold the shelf)
  3. Measure the appropriate distance with the included ruler
  4. Apply the second adhesive
  5. Snap the shelf into the grooves of the hooks

I waited 24 hours before placing my products on, as suggested by the manufacturer instructions, but other online reviewers didn’t wait and the shelf appeared to hold up well anyway. 

It instantly decluttered my bathroom counter and holds nearly all the skincare and personal care products I use daily 

The shelf was an instant fix to my bathroom clutter. Nearly all the skincare and personal care products I use on a daily basis — the creams, gels, toner, lotion, contact lens solution, toothpaste, retainer, and more — currently sit on it and it hasn’t budged in the last almost two years of use, even after I’ve bumped into it multiple times.

It’s as simple of a look as a shelf can go, so it’s pretty versatile, though not exactly the height of stylish. 

If you need to free up space in your bathroom, or even your kitchen, the shelf is the perfect solution and makes efficient use of wall areas that would otherwise go to waste. I have it next to my sink as my personal morning and night routine station, but it’s water-proof and also works well to hold your bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and body wash in the shower. Although my Orimade shelves don’t come in direct contact with water every day, they do sit in the moisture of shower and post-shower air every day, and they haven’t fallen off.

When it comes time to remove the shelf, all you need to do is direct a hot hair dryer at the adhesive to peel it off. I haven’t tested this aspect yet, but I’m moving apartments soon, so I’ll have a chance to see how easy it is to take off. 

orimade shelf update 5

My sink is once again piling up with products, which means I’ll be buying another one of these shelves very soon.

Connie Chen/Business Insider

The bottom line

Buying stuff off Amazon can be hit-or-miss when the product is suspiciously cheap or made by a brand no one has ever heard of, but I’m glad I trusted the existing reviews and bought the Orimade shelf for my bathroom organization dilemma. Upon seeing how quickly and easily the shelf made a difference, my roommate bought one for all her products, too, and our apartment is looking better than ever. 

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