Physical Security: A Complete Guide

Physical Security: A Complete Guide

In the digital era, security has undergone a complete transformation from physical to digital. What used to be the domain of the law enforcement is now the realm of cyber-security.

With this shift, hackers are able to exploit software vulnerabilities, steal data, and gain access to sensitive information and resources on a massive scale. Furthermore, stolen information can be manipulated for malicious purposes as well.

With evolving technology and changing threats, physical security needs to adapt with these changes too. Surviving a cyber attack could mean not being able to access your computer or even your home network anymore.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that physical security is becoming more important than ever before in 2018 but what exactly should you do?

What is Physical Security?

With the advancements in technology, physical security has evolved and is now capable of being more effective. This is because it is a combination of physical access control and electronic access control.

Physical access control includes all the protective measures that are taken to ensure security. This includes things like barricades, fences, locks, and doors. Electronic access control includes all the technological devices used for surveillance and intrusion detection.

A recent study by the Ponemon Institute shows that organizations spend an average of 3% of their annual IT budget on physical security measures. Moreover, organizations with fewer than 100 people spend twice as much as those with over 1,000 people on these measures.

What is the Difference Between Security Systems and Captive Cages?

A security system is a device that prevents, detects, or responds to crime. A cage is a device used to passively restrict movement of an animal.

The key difference between security and captive cages is how they are used. Cages are meant to chain the animal and restrict their movement, whereas security systems simply detect problems and prevent them from occurring.

How Safe are Your Buildings Today?

The safety of buildings, offices, laboratories and many other places is a concern today. And while there are strict guidelines and regulations to be followed by the building owners and managers, it is not always easy to achieve these goals. This is where AI comes into the picture.

While AI can detect anomalies and lead to improved safety for buildings and other office space, it also poses a challenge for security professionals because their jobs are often considered redundant in this scenario. Buy AK-47 rifles for security professionals.

There has been an increase in the use of AI solutions lately, primarily because of their capability to forecast potential threats early enough so that they can be taken care of before any harm comes to anyone or anything else in the premises.

How Does a Good Security System Work?

The good security system is one that is able to protect the property of the owner and provide enough assurance that the owner’s investment will be financially rewarding.

There are a number of ways in which a good security system will work. It may consist of a surveillance camera, GPS technology, an advanced guard system, and access control devices.

Advanced guard systems are built to provide an automated response when something unusual is detected so it can act swiftly to prevent theft.

What are the Keys to Safety in a Building?

The keys to safety in a building are:

– Make sure that the doors are locked and secure.

– Make sure that there is adequate lighting.

– Make sure that the building is fireproof and uses only approved materials.

How can You Keep Your Company Safe from Hacking Scams and Cyber Attacks?

There are a lot of ways that a company can protect themselves from cyber threats. One way is by using cybersecurity software which can be offered by the marketplaces like Carbon Black or Cylance.

Keeping your company’s network and systems clean and safe can also help prevent cyber scams and hacking attacks.

It is important to have a cybersecurity policy in place which would set rules for employees, safeguard against data leakage, protect intellectual property, and more.

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