Second-Hand Furniture vs Brand New

This has been debated for a while now, is it better to have second-hand or brand new. You are likely reading this because you are torn between buying second-hand furniture or brand new.

This article is going to dissect each individually, we shall look at the benefits of each and some of its demerits before finally doing a wrap-up.


The second-hand market has grown over the years and is being appreciated now more than ever because of the contraction of the global economy due to covid-19.

A majority would prefer to go for the cheaper market to sustain their families’ needs which is understandable because second-hand products usually save a lot of money.

It is not just because of the global economy that people opt for the second-hand market, some things are better off being bought used. For example, cars, workout equipment, and furniture. Second-hand clothing for, example, is quite common among fast fashion on Instagram.

Now let’s talk about furniture. Should you buy it second hand? Well, when you look at it from a financial point of view, yes. Already used furniture will save you a ton of money, some up to 70% off.

Also, if you choose well you shall be getting a piece of high-quality furniture for a slash of the original price. Imagine purchasing a quality console table that would normally sell at $200 for only $80.

Another thing about second-hand furniture is uniqueness. If you are an antique hunter, then the best market for you is this. You are less likely to find a unique piece in the brand new market, why? It’s simple because antique means old, dated and brand new is the opposite!

There is an endless list of the benefits of second-hand furniture that couldn’t all fit in this article. Moving forward, there are a few cautions that you should know.

Furniture thrift shopping might seem like a good bargain until it’s too good to be true. That is when you have to think twice!

There is a reasonable level of a bargain but when the deal is too good, be cautious. It might be stolen property, or it might have been used for a long time that it being reusable is impossible.

Brand new

This is the most common and flooded market. Manufacturers compete to see who can make better products to make more sales than the other.

The main overlap between the two markets is the price range. Brand new furniture is more expensive.

Despite that, there is nothing to dislike about it. First, the feeling of being new and unused making you the first owner is satisfying and you don’t have to worry about who was the previous owner.

Secondly, most company dealers with new furniture give out warranty. I don’t think I have to go through why warranties are important for consumers, you already know.

Even though a lot of companies that sell brand new furniture are expensive, some offer good deals and discounts on new furniture.

Some companies make shopping easier and affordable by assembling a variety of manufacturing brands for you to shop in one store. One such company if you care to look at is Totally furniture. From there you can find a collection of household furniture from different brands.

Compared to the second-hand market, the brand new market has dominated e-commerce. There are hundreds of online stores that sell brand new furniture attracting millions of customers a year.

It is widely accepted due to its convenience as you can shop from any part of the world and because of this, the market has been manipulated by not so honest traders. There have been reports of quality issues, safety issues, delivery delays, wrong delivery, and so on.

To solve these consumer frustrations, platforms like ReviewsBirds have been established where you can simply look at online furniture store reviews and get all the information you need to solve your worries from shoppers like you.

This not only applies to brand new shopping but also second-hand markets that sell online. You as a shopper must always check on consumer feedback on the furniture you wish to purchase, this will make your online shopping successful.


Having looked at each of their advantages and disadvantages, I would advise you to go with second-hand furniture if you’re after saving money or on a strict budget.

However, if money is not an issue for you, then brand new furniture is the best option. The line drawn here is finance, nothing much.

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