Tips to ensure the safety of your rental property

Tips to ensure the safety of your rental property

Landlords ought to have substantial responsibility for their rental property’s safety. This will help tenants feel secure while in thehome. When tenants feel assured of their safety, they tend to stay in the rental property for a longer period.Furthermore, a safe rental property decreases the risk of theft and vandalism, increases your rental property value and attracts more clients. One of the key to ensuring a safe property is having a stable energy supply in your home. You thus need to have a reputable energy supplier.  Use review sites such as to compare energy providers reviews,and from the list, you’ll get a reputable energy supplier to provide your energy needs. Some tips that will guarantee safety in your rental property are discussed below.

Ensure adequate lighting

One of the simplest ways to avert crime is by ensuring that a property is well lit.Have appropriate lighting installed outside and inside of your property as below

  • Outdoor lights: This consists of lighting at the rear side and the front of your property. You can have the lights remain turned on throughout the night, or you can use smart technologies, including motion-activated lights. You can also opt to have both types. For instance, on the front porch, you can have lights that will always remain on, but the lights at the driveway can be motion-triggered.
  • Indoor lights: Inside the property, ensure that all stairwells and hallways are well lit. Here the lights should at all times remain on. Ensure that you immediately replace any burnt-out bulbs.

Secure Windows

Windows are areas of concern when it comes to thesecurity of property. Criminals tend to use them to enter the property. To secure windows, you can use;

  • Security bars: Particularly for first-floor windows, you should have security bars installed on the windows. While the bars may have an effect on the properties aesthetic appeal, you should never compromise security. You can look for bars designs that have an attractive look.
  • Locks: Ensure that all windows have locks that are functioning. Even for units on upper floors, it is essential to have working locks. This will ensure that nobody can gain access to the house through the window.

Secure doors

Ensure that all exit and entry doors of the tenants’ apartment and the property are secured appropriately.

  • Chain locks: Ensure that doors leading to the apartmentshave chain locks installed. This offers additional protection permitting tenants to crack open the door while the chain will provide added protection.
  • Deadbolt Locks: Over and above the standard lock, any exit or entrance door should have a deadbolt lock installed. This makes it hard for burglars to break into the property.
  • Peepholes: To enhance security, ensure that you have peepholes on all doors. These help tenants to able to look at who’s knocking outside without opening the door.

Have clear entrances

Ensure that the pathways and entrances to your property don’t have any obstruction that could work to the advantage of criminals. Hedges and shrubs can serve as perfect hiding places for robbers, particularly if they are hidden such that they block the view from the street. To ensure safety, it is wise to avoid huge hedges and shrubs so that burglars don’t have a place to hide as they wait for a prime opportunity or monitor the tenant’s habits.

Have security cameras

Security cameras are increasingly becoming cheaper. Landlords can take advantage of this decrease in prices and install them in their properties,ensuring added safety to your tenants while also giving you peace of mind. Security cameras should be installed in stairwells, entrance ways and at the rear of the house to keep it safe and view and record any unauthorised access. In addition, cameras tend to deter thieves and are thus an important security measure.

Have a security system installed

With securitysystems installed, this will be an added advantage and can be the difference between a tenant selecting your property over another property. Security systems help ensure a property is secure, it detects movement using motion sensors, and when there’s unauthorised access, it can sound an alarm. There are multiple diverse security systems in the market, and it’s important to choose the right system for your type of property.Go for security systems with a master code, which permits each tenant to have their individual secret code to assessthe property. Always ensure that new tenants are briefed fully on the security system in the propertyto ensure its effectiveness.

 In conclusion, safety is essentialfor rental property. With this article, you have important tips that will ensure the safety of your property.

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