Top 10 Modular Kitchen Brands for Your Home in India

The Best of Modular Kitchen You Can Get in India

The advancement of the modular kitchen has prospered in bringing about a drastic evolution in the way an outstanding kitchen appears. These elegant and contemporary kitchen designs are switched from conventional kitchens. The requirement for more space or imperfect space in homes and flats has backed by the emergence of such modern kitchens. With the combination of stylish and modular designs that include the kitchen cabinets, storage conveniences and other accessories, the traditional kitchens are instantly fading from the modular lifestyle. The Modular Kitchen in India is known to bring ease and comfort to homemakers in several ways.

This modular kitchen are be grounded upon a couple of design standards. The essential design components of contemporary kitchen innovation will be very organized, orderly space, modern art devices, loads of lights, striking colours, and many alike. Here is a look at the top 10 modular kitchen brands in India.


It is one of the most recognized and world-renowned modular kitchen brands that deliver and provides their outstanding products and services in India. Sleek provides a modular kitchen that provides excellence and a fascinating architectural look along with top-notch finishing. Sleek, this unique brand, also is famous for altering traditional kitchens to captivating and sophisticated modern kitchens. The Sleek brand-named modular kitchen is bold with wood finishing and comes in several styles. Classic English Style is a chic type of style offered by this top and best brand modular kitchens. 

Godrej Interio

This is one of the topmost modular kitchen product and service providers in India. Godrej Interio provides top-class products with world-class quality and designs. This brand particularly deals with the advanced and competent integrated kitchen products and other fittings. Their extraordinary kitchen products with remarkable storage facilities that are flexible and soothing to use are the most unique features of the Godrej Interio.


Hettich is one of the most leading and renowned modular kitchen brands in the market place in India. Hettich delivers several services and products that can modify your bring kitchen look outstanding and world-class. This amazing brand provides products with several functionalities and immense range of ideas. The most unique feature of their products is that they are tailor-made according to the clientele needs and requirement.


This is one of the most outstanding modular kitchen brands providing their products and services in entire India. Hafele brand provides the exclusive German manufactured kitchenware’s with the extensive range of provisions. Hence if you are looking for modular kitchen products the get the best customized as per your requirement from the best modular kitchen brand Hafele. The most unique part of this brand is that they claim finest quality and provide large storage space. Hafele also provide with an installation and service facility in most of the prime cities of India.   


Like all the other renowned brands, IFB provides Modular Kitchen Services in major cities of India. They provide customized products that apt any clientele requirement. This brand provides option for customers to purchase their product online. One of the remarkable features of IFB Modular Kitchen Brand is that the products comes in almost all the budget range. Their team of experts from this brand purposes customised and designs each and every product in discussion with the customers.  


This is one of the finest Modular Kitchen Brands in India that plays a significant role in manufacturing contemporary kitchen for customers with several tastes and demands. Evok offers advanced kitchen accessories and other products and has always maintained uniformity in the quality and design of its products. One of the unique features of this fantastic brand and its service is that it can convert any conventional kitchen with an excellent style statement.

Johnson Kitchens

This is one of the best modular kitchen brands that provide their service in India, and Johnson Kitchens is a venture of H&R Johnson (India), and this modular kitchen brand market their product from the most significant German Manufacturer. Johnsons Kitchens’s majority products is tailormade for the ultimate user. The brand’s primary feature is that they deliver European Standard modular kitchens in India with a price tag not less than three lakhs; however, the products manufactured under this brand in India come with a price tag 60,000 and over.


It is one of the best Modular kitchen brands providing their products in entire India. One of the best things about this brand is that this Modular Kitchen Brand upholds a six-continent distribution chain that supplies and provides outstanding services to customers all over the world. This fantastic brand is very recognized for the state-of-the-art kitchen faucets and modular kitchen settings. Kholer and its products boast trend and functionalities that fusions immensely into the ambience of your kitchen and provide a very unique and fantastic kitchen experience.  


It is one of the best-classified brands for Modular Kitchen in India and is best known for contemporary kitchen utilities and modern finishing. Ebco is one of the famous and world-recognized brands operative in India. This fantastic brand is very well known for its products and ideal in class patterns that can satisfy any needs of the clientele. Kitchen utilities, drawers, hinges, sliders, and cupboard accessories are some of the top-notch from this Modular Kitchen brand.


It is one of the ideal modular kitchen brands that is providing amazing services in India. It is one of the most reputed brands for manufacturing and installing contemporary kitchens in India. Haecker’s primary service is that they manufacture and install a tailormade modular kitchen setting as per the requirement from the customers. This German brand delivers two types of Modular Kitchen settings, i.e., System Art and Classic Art, that are considered as of the premium quality.   

Apart from these, several more brands deal with Modular Kitchen accessories, products, and services. Therefore, choose among them the best and switch your conventional kitchen into Modular Kitchen. This kitchen comes with several features and functionalities that were never offered by the traditional kitchens. Some of these exclusive features are incredible functionality, sophisticated culinary drawers, crockery drawers, etc. Contemporary kitchens also come in various sizes, shape, captivating colours, that provide the kitchens with a stylish look and captivating to eyes.  One of the notable features of the modular kitchen setting is that it comes with a wide range of colour patterns making your kitchen well-organized and look outstanding.

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