Weighing All Your Options for the Best Patio Screen Doors: What Should I Consider?

Besides giving you a back entrance, patio doors offer so much more. These doors make your house feel more open while giving it access to the outdoors. Imagine being able to enjoy nature in the comfort of your couch. Isn’t that amazing? Patio doors will help reflect the beauty of the surroundings and fill your space with natural light. The good news is that patio screen doors can be personalized and customized, thus offering flexibility in how they open and appear. Install patio screens during fall months and enjoy the beauty nature has to show.

Weighing All Your Options for the Best Patio Screen Doors: What Should I Consider?

To select an ideal patio screen door, here are the factors you need to consider.

Functionality: Folding, Sliding or Swinging

Most front doors will only open in one way, usually inwards, to warmly welcome visitors into your space. On the other hand, patio doors can open in three different ways; thus, you can choose based on your needs. They include:

Folding patio screen doors: These doors have tracks and hinges. The hinge allows the glass panels to fold while the track provides a glide space, allowing the door to stack up at the side.

Swing patio screen doors: These doors function like a normal door on a hinge. However, you can decide the way you want to swing the door when opening –outwards or inwards.

Sliding patio screen doors: These doors slide on a track, allowing the entire screen to open.


Patio doors can take different styles, including a contemporary or traditional style. Typically, your choices of functionality and materials will significantly influence the style. For instance, vinyl provides a modern and simple style for your patio door. On the other hand, while it is not common nowadays, wood offers a traditional style.

While fiberglass can fit both styles, it leans more toward the modern style, offering excellent aesthetic features. Other factors you must consider when choosing the style include door grilles, handles, and frames.

Available Space

You must take proper patio measurements before purchasing and installing the patio door. Doing this helps narrow down your options into the most ideal ones. Also, consider the style and functionality of your door and determine if the available space will accommodate it. Other questions you should ask include:

Do you intend to cover some sections of the patio door with furniture?

Is there space to get out and in easily?

Is there enough space on both sides of the door?


The most common materials for patio doors include vinyl, fiberglass, and wood. Wood is an excellent option as it offers great energy efficiency, insulation, and beautiful textures. Vinyl, on the other hand, offers durable doors with easy maintenance and high energy efficiency. Also, they are pretty cheap.

What about fiberglass? This material is a stronger and more durable solution compared to the others. Fiberglass patio doors will remain efficient even in extreme weather conditions. Also, they can take different styles, including sliding glass doors, thus fulfilling a unique aesthetic appeal.

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